Personal Effectiveness

Everyone wants to get the most out of their working day. To which degree are you achieving your goals? Personal effectiveness is about your personal qualities. Therefore, personal effectiveness means something different for everyone. During RSM's personal effectiveness programmes, you can gain the knowledge and skills to perform, manage, negotiate, or plan effectively.

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The Power of Storytelling

Enhance your personal impact. Learn how to attract and engage your customers, colleagues and business partners by finding, creating and sharing your own powerful stories.

Length: 1 day Frequency: 4x per year

The Power of Presence

Become aware of your non-verbal presentation and learn how to use your strong features to have more impact in your interaction and communication with others.

Length: 2 days Frequency: 2x per year

Effective Negotiating Skills

Acquire the practical skills and confidence needed to develop your own negotiation style and learn how to apply the fundamental concepts of negotiation.

Length: 3 days Frequency: 4x per year

Project Management in Practice 1

Transform complex ideas into a structured and successful plan. Learn the best-practice tools, management models and people skills to become a more effective project manager.

Length: 3 days Frequency: 5x per year

New programme

Project Management in Practice 2

Explore enhanced skills and techniques that supplement project management skills taught in our Project Management in Practice 1 programme, or skills you may have learned elsewhere.

Length: 2 days Frequency: 2x per year

Negotiating for Success: Women, Careers and Business

Learn to negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength while maintaining your social relationships. Learn new tools and techniques to improve your negotiation skills.

Length: 1 day Frequency: 2x per year

Communication with Power and Impact for Women

Understand and master the effects of body language and tone to increase your power and influence through communication.

Length: 1 day Frequency: 2x per year

“Being a first-time founder of a tech start-up after a long career in engineering created new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills. I researched the executive education market and chose RSM as the best school for my needs. Paul Hazell is an excellent teacher, and ‘Effective Negotiating Skills’ is based on practical exercises with plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun. This course instantly changed the way I negotiate with our clients and business partners. I plan to take my next course at RSM very soon.”

Pini Reznik Co-founder and CTO at Container Solutions

“RSM was the right answer in my search for a leading business school embracing female leadership and communication. The programme was a fantastic experience, triggering great energy and motivating power. It was about us, a very diverse group of women with the ambition to be heard. I learned how easy powerful speaking can be when applying the rules, and the importance of engagement and empathy."

Adriana Cavaliere Enterprise Risk Manager at SWIFT

Meet the faculty

Antonie Knoppers

Teaching The Power of Presence

Prof. Dianne Bevelander

Teaching Negotiating for Success: Women, Careers and Business

Dr Ingo Zborschil

Teaching Project Management in Practice 1

Milly Obdeijn

Teaching The Power of Presence

A programme for your entire team?

All of our open programmes can also be offered in-company to a group of participants solely from your organisation. This allows you to:

concentrate fully on your organisation’s own issues and situation

decide on a virtual real-time delivery, or face-to-face in-person delivery

schedule the programme at a time and location you prefer

tailor the content to fit your organisation’s needs, if further required.

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How can you identify which programmes might help you meet your professional objectives? We can talk about your career and where it could go – just as I do with many other business professionals like you who want to continue learning. Just send me an email, and we can start our conversation. Eugène Kerpen Programme advisor