Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others while developing a broader perspective of your leadership capabilities through practical approaches and professional coaching. During RSM’s leadership programmes, you will develop the skills you need to motivate, coach and assess people to get them behind your goals and strategies.

The Challenge of Leadership

Master the core skills and styles needed to deliver outstanding leadership performance that builds teams and business. High impact programme for experienced leaders.

Length: 5 days Module of Advanced Management and Leadership Programme Frequency: 4x per year Admissions check

Highly rated 8,6

Team Leadership

Develop your own practical strategies and solutions to overcome challenges in your team. Improve your team's performance through frameworks, tools and tips.

Length: 3 days Module of Diploma Programme in General Management Frequency: 3x per year

Essentials of Leadership

Becoming a successful leader starts with understanding yourself. Gain the knowledge and tools to enhance your personal leadership style and physical intelligence.

Length: 3 days Frequency: 4x per year

Highly rated 8,7

Women in Leadership

Prepare yourself for you next career step. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.

Length: 2 days Frequency: 2x per year

Leading Change

Train to lead change successfully with the theoretical background and the practical know-how to understand and diagnose change, lead change, and implement change.

Length: 3 days Frequency: 2x per year

“I highly recommend RSM’s Team Leadership programme to (future) team leaders. The theory was clearly connected to practice, some of the exercises put you out of your comfort zone, and all the advice can easily be implemented in day-to-day managerial activities. As an Erasmus alumna, RSM was an obvious choice and the quality of the programme was high, as can be expected.”

Edina Struhar Recruitment manager at Adams Multilingual Recruitment

"It's given me new meaning and ideas in my role as a manager. I encourage my team to think differently every day, and I now feel equipped to take this to the next level."

Shane McMahon Lead Consultant - Organisational Resilience at Horizonscan Ltd Participated in RSM's Team Leadership

Meet the faculty

Dorothy Grandia

Teaching Women in Leadership

Dr Hannes Leroy

Teaching Team Leadership

Dr Barbara Banda

Teaching Leading Change

Dr Meir Shemla

Teaching Team Leadership

A programme for your entire team?

All of our open programmes can also be offered in-company to a group of participants solely from your organisation. This allows you to:

concentrate fully on your organisation’s own issues and situation

decide on a virtual real-time delivery, or face-to-face in-person delivery

schedule the programme at a time and location you prefer

tailor the content to fit your organisation’s needs, if further required.

Get in touch with our advisor

How can you identify which programmes might help you meet your professional objectives? We can talk about your career and where it could go – just as I do with many other business professionals like you who want to continue learning. Just send me an email, and we can start our conversation. Eugène Kerpen Programme advisor