Historian: Ronald van der Heijden Editors: Russell Gilbert and Justine Whittern

Contributors: Jaap Kamp Larissa Wiltenburg Nabila Hisbaron Linda de Vries Marijke de Kovel Michiel Langman (son of Harrie Langman) Alex Boehle Aad Kool Diederik Laman Trip Frans Robbe Frits van Engeldorp Gastelaars Jaap de Smit STAR Board 2019-2020 Gabrielle Jacobs Peter Vervest Berend Wierenga Wilfred Meinhardt Steef van de Velde Tom Blansjaar Edwin Meulensteen Rob van Tulder Cora Boele Eric Waarts Han van Dissel Peter Vervest Eric van Heck Maria Croes

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the following for allowing us access to archives and research materials: Erasmus University Rotterdam Erasmus University Library Faculteit Bedrijfskunde, 25-year anniversary International Office RSM, photo archive and PR material STAR archive of foundation, board and committees Photo archive RSM, photobooks and CD/DVD collection IIB-archive at the Rotterdam Municipal Archive, (period 1965-1984) Corporate and Alumni Relations department, RSM

In making this we took care to check all facts and give credit where appropiate for the photos throughout. If you see mistakes, or you own the copyright to a photo, please contact Madelon Fontein at mfontein@rsm.nl.